2010 Census Challenge – 10 Minutes 10 Questions

From the City of Rockwall News Room…

As the 2010 Census approaches, the City of Rockwall has teamed up with the U.S. Census Bureau to spread the word.

Starting this March, City of Rockwall households will receive a census form by U.S. Mail. Response to the 2010 Census questionnaire is required by law, and those households that do not return the form will be visited by census workers between late April and July.

The 2010 Census form is the shortest in the 220 year history of the census. The census form will only take about 10 minutes on average to complete, and answers are strictly confidential and protected by law. Required once every 10 years by the U.S. Constitution, the Census will count every man, woman and child living in the United States.

Benefits to the City
Over $400 billion will be distributed amongst state, local and tribal governments based on the 2010 Census for the development of services such as:
* Hospitals
* Job Training Centers
* Schools
* Senior Centers
* Bridges, Roads and Tunnels
* Emergency Services

A lack of participation can result in the City of Rockwall receiving less federal funding and less access to important services and resources than we might otherwise have received.

Census data also is used to reapportion seats in Congress and assure proper district representation in state and local governments. An accurate count will help ensure the people in the City of Rockwall are fairly represented in all levels of government.

Saving Tax Dollars by Responding
By responding to the census form by mail, the residents of the City of Rockwall are increasing the response rate and providing a significant savings to the federal government.

Through the “Take 10” initiative, the Census Bureau and its partners ask people to “take 10 minutes” to complete and return their form by mail in an effort to surpass the Census 2000 mail participation rate of 72 percent, which was the national rate as of the April 2000 cut-off.
About $85 million in Federal expenditures is saved for every one percent increase in mail participation.
* The Census Bureau saves $60-$70 per census form that is returned by mail.

2000 Census Snapshot

Participation Rate
National 72%
Texas 67%
City of Rockwall 79%

Population City of Rockwall
2000 Census 17,976
2008 ACS* 30,886
*2006-2008 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates

Issuing the Challenge

We believe we can do even better in 2010. That’s why today, we are issuing a challenge to everyone in the City of Rockwall to take 10 minutes to participate in the census by answering the 10-question census form. Together, we can create a better tomorrow for ourselves, our family and our community.

As a Census Bureau partner, the City of Rockwall encourages you to participate in the 2010 Census and let the country know what our community needs for the next 10 years. If for some reason you do not receive a form or do not think you have otherwise been counted, you should visit a “Be Counted” site. To locate a Be Counted Site in your area, contact the Partnership and Data Services Program staff at your Regional Census Center.

Census Bureau Director Robert Groves explains how people can view 2010 Census mail participation rates of their communities and compare them with the rates of other areas around the country.

Census Jobs
The Dallas Regional Census office has temporary and part-time jobs available for the 2010 Census.

For employment information please call 1-886-861-2010 or visit the U.S. Census Bureau Dallas Region Office at http://www.census.gov/regions/dallas/

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