Academy of County Music Award Winner Sylvia to Perform at Texan Theater


Dinner with Sylvia | Texan Theater

Academy of Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year, Grammy nominee and multi-million selling ’80s icon Sylvia is performing in Texas, with songs from her new album SECOND BLOOM – The Hits Re-Imagined. Dinner with Sylvia, Friday, September 13, at the Texan Theater in Greenville will be a memorable and intimate experience for fans!

Between 1979 and 1987, Sylvia became one of the most celebrated women in country music. She released five albums with a dozen #1 and Top Ten hits, sold over four million records, and won multiple awards including the Academy of Country Music’s Female Vocalist of the Year and Billboard’s #1 Country Female Artist.

Sylvia | Top Songs

Nobody – #1
Drifter – #1
Fallin’ In Love
Sweet Yesterday
Heart On The Mend
I Never Quite Got Back
The Boy Gets Around
Cry Just a Little Bit
I Love you By Heart (duet with Michael Johnson)

Second Bloom: The Hits Re-Imagined

Sylvia’s new album, Second Bloom, includes fresh interpretations of Sylvia’s #1 Top 10 hits. The music is a modern take on songs fans fell in love with in the 80s. In our interview, Sylvia shared that she had a connection with the songs and felt they could take on new life with modern recording. She explained that back in the ‘80s a lot of synthesizer sounds were used. It was a popular sound, but too heavy for music we enjoy today. She stated, “It’s easy to tuck them away and say those are 80s songs, but I think if a song is worth its weight it can be done many different ways. I really worked hard to keep the integrity of what I felt was the core of what made those songs a hit production wise, but just bring it into a modern day sensibility musically.” With the new album, songs have a chance to bloom again.

Honorary Citizen of Texas

In the 80s Sylvia’s style charmed audiences across the country. The solo artist is delighted to return to Texas and perform for the fan base she grew during many shows here. When asked about her shows in Texas Sylvia said, “In the 80s when I was on the road 250 days a year plus, I was in Texas A LOT. In fact, in 1982 I was in Texas so much the governor of state made me an honorary citizen of Texas, that’s how much I was there. And I love Texas. When I look at a map I could put over a hundred pins on it showing places I played there. Back in the 1980s, the Urban Cowboy era, there was a place to play on every corner in every little town in Texas, it felt like. Country music being played live was really having a field day. Line dancing was real popular and pop music disco was happening, so some was bleeding over into country music.”

To stay in tune with the new crossover of music, RCA had Sylvia record a long playing version of her song Matador so it could be played in discos. Because of the urban cowboy phase, that music took on another life. She laughed and stated, “It was an interesting thing you don’t plan for. But songs like Drifter and Matador had the beat you could do that with.”

Texas Tour Dates

September 12 | Cotton Country Club, Granger, TX
September 13 | Texan Theater, Greenville, TX
September 14 |  The New Granbury Live, Granbury, TX

Tickets still available for shows in Greenville and Granbury. The performance at the Texan Theater includes full dinner, meet & greet and more!

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Interview and article by Sharon Lewis – Planet Rockwall