Amy Parks-Heath Elementary Leads the Way in Energy Savings

Rockwall Independent School District partnered with Energy Company – Cenergistic in May of 2012 to introduce a Energy Conservation program to the district. Since then the district has made every effort to improve the way energy is consumed on a daily basis. The focused areas of energy conservation include: electricity, gas, domestic water, irrigation, trash and recycling. Through the cooperation of administration, teachers, and staff, Rockwall ISD has made great strides in conserving energy, and better utilizing district funds.

A major part of our program includes campus level support of energy conservation. The energy program has pinpointed crucial areas for savings and one of those areas is when schools are out for extended breaks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. Seeing how these are some of the most pivotal times to save energy, the energy program has created a friendly competitive award that recognizes the school who over the course of a month conserves the most energy. By taking the prior year monthly utility cost and comparing to the current month we are able to distinguish which campus saved the district the most for any given month which is presented as cost avoidance. Cost avoidance is the percentage that the campus was able to save based on the square footage, changes in weather patterns, and any modifications to the campus. Over the Spring Break holiday the district was able to capitalize on the opportunity and save the district a substantial amount of energy.

At the March 20th Principals meeting the energy program presented the award to the campus that conserved the most energy (electricity, gas, water, trash and recycling) based on the square footage of the site. The site that was able to conserve the most energy based on actual square footage was Amy Parks-Heath Elementary. Under the Direction of Mrs. Maricela Helm they were able save the district 26.33% cost avoidance, which equates to a total of $2528.84. Great Job Amy Parks-Heath!

Rockwall ISD
Rockwall, Texas

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