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Brain Injury: Concussions in Youth Sports

Where: Eyecare Rockwall 810 Rockwall Parkway Suite 2020 Rockwall, TX 75032

When: Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 2:00pm
Brain Injury: Concussions in Youth Sports

Do you have a child in youth sports?
What is their safety worth?

Your child collides with another athlete. There are no medical professionals on the scene. Now what?

Does the coach know what to do? Do you, because the seconds matter!

Our presentation will answer:
  • What is a concussion?
  • How do I know if my child has a concussion and will they be "OK?"
  • Do I take my child to the doctor, is it an emergency?
  • What is the "concussion protocol?"
  • What is the proper care for a concussion?
  • Will my child have to stop playing sports?
  • What is CTE?
  • My child's sports league has no athletic trainers on the sidelines, so what should coach's know?
  • What safety protocols should every sports organization have in place to ensure your child's safety?

Randy Naidoo, MD, Medical Director Shine Pediatrics. Former Division 1 Football Player and Football Coach.

Cyndy Feasel, Author After the Cheering Stops. Watch:

Steve Horwitz, DC, 1996 United States Olympic Team Medical Staff, Former Chairman Maryland Council on Physical Fitness.


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