A Love for Dance is just that – a love for dance! It’s not just about mirrored walls, fancy shoes and a hardwood floor. It’s about the people on the floor.

…It’s about the person who watches “Dancing With The Stars” and thinks dancing in general is an unattainable
dream, but dreams anyway.

…It’s taking the nervous hand of a new student and watching him transition into a confident dancer.
It’s about trying and laughing and finally succeeding.

…It’s about the husband who never wanted to dance, but agreed to go to the first lesson, only to see the
joy in his wife’s eyes as he held her close as they learned the Foxtrot … and inevitably admits he had a good time

…It’s about teaching you HOW to dance to ANY song when I’m not around. It’s about you learning to truly
understand music, identifying what style of dance to do, and when to take that first step in the song.

…And for me, it’s about giving you A Love for Dance! ~ Tawnya Cagle

If you are a beginner ~
Expect a casual, fun and relaxed atmosphere as you learn the ins and outs of social dancing. You will start with
the basics and soon feel comfortable getting out on the dance floor.

If you are a seasoned dancer~
Enjoy progressing through the DVIDA dance syllabus, a systematic program which takes students through the American
Smooth and American Rhythm dance styles. The DVIDA dance syllabus is recognized by the National Dance Council of

If you are a Parent or Caregiver of a toddler or preschooler~
Try our Tiny Dancer and Me class. It’s about seeing the joy of music and dance through the eyes of our young children.

If you are a Parent of school aged children or Teenagers~
Know that your kids can learn the coolest and trendiest dance moves in a family oriented environment. Feel free to stay and watch your kids, or take some time to run an errand or two…

If you are a Bride and Groom ~
Impress the guests at your wedding with a choreographed routine to your favorite song for your first dance together
as husband and wife. Include your wedding party, mother/son, father/daughter dances.

If you are health conscious ~
Then Ballroom cardio is for you. Burn calories the fun way and learn basic dance steps. Perfect class for new
moms – bring your babies & their bouncy with you; they can stay close to you while you work out!

Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz & Ballroom Dance Classes for Kids!

A Love for Dance Studio offers…
Private Lessons
Group Classes
Tiny Dancer Class – Children 1-4yrs
Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical & Ballroom Dance Classes for Kids, Teens & Adults
Ballroom Cardio Classes
First Dance Wedding Choreography
Practice Opportunities

There are no contracts; students have the option to pay as they go, or purchase lessons in blocks of time at
discounted rates.

Ballroom ~ Latin ~ Swing ~ Country Western

For schedule information, visit

Your Instructor

Tawnya Cagle has been a certified ballroom dance instructor by Fred Astaire Dance Studios since 1993. She has performed in several showcases in the area, including a 9 number choreography dance event in 2008 to
celebrate Medical City Dallas’ Hospital Nurses week. She has been a musician since the sixth grade, first learning to play clarinet, then proceeding to learn piano, vocals and guitar. She has traveled not only across the US, but also to Hong Kong & Taiwan to make music. She has shared the stage with a variety of musicians from classical pianist Van Cliburn to Country Western superstar Rick Trevino. And she was also featured on the television series “Scariest Places on Earth” which was filmed at Balgonie Castle in Scotland and narratedby Linda Blair.

Impress your guests! We can choreograph apersonalized routine just for you and yourspouse to your favorite song for your first dancetogether as husband and wife. Watch the amazement on the faces of your guests as you
move across the dance floor, looking like a pro!

You can even have your wedding party join in the fun by hosting a dance lesson party a couple of weeks before your wedding, just to teach everyone the basics so that they too can
dance the night away!

Or spiff up your evening with the addition of a father/daughter or mother/son routine.

All sorts of things are possible. Each wedding is unique, as well as the dancing. The
possibilities and dance combinations are endless.

Call today for your first dance class. See our coupon (above) for FREE dance class offer.