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Did you know that, next to the common cold, head lice infestation is the affliction that sends the most school kids home from class?

Lice Ladies was established with one mission, to eliminate lice and nits safely and effectively from your family’s hair. The Lice Ladies take a very serious approach to business. We offer professional services by technicians that are trained extensively to be experts at our craft, while maintaining the strictest levels of integrity and privacy. All Lice Ladies technicians are trained in the area of customer service as well as the removal of Head Lice and Nits.

"What sets us apart from our competition is both the exceptional service and our commitment to be lice free. We have the full ability to understand, anticipate, and cater to our clients’ needs and wishes. We understand that while we are providing the highest level of professional service, our technicians must also be sensitive to each clients’ individual circumstances and needs. We offer very competitive pricing! Once you have worked with us, you will NEVER call any other company again!"

All Lice Ladies technicians are professionally trained and have a minimum of a 4-year college degree and/or equivalent medical and/or science background. Client safety is extremely important so we strive to employ staff that are not only lice experts, but know the proper medical and scientific information to keep our clients and staff safe.

We use an environmentally safe product which is approved for infants, nursing mothers or expectant mothers. An all-natural occurring enzyme is the main active ingredient in our product. Our product along with our professional combing is guaranteed to remove all lice and nits; beware that over-the-counter and prescription pesticides often fail to kill lice and do not kill or remove nits. Our product is also currently the only natural lice removal product with an NDC (national drug code).

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