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Plumbing Services
Staggs Plumbing in Rockwall is proud to offer a wide variety of plumbing repair services:

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• Sinks - Disposals - Faucets - Toilets
• Damaged Sewer Lines
• Damaged Water Lines
• Broken Water Heaters
• Damaged Gas Lines
• Clogged Drains
• Slab Leaks

Your Top Rated Plumber in Dallas and surrounding cities.

Slab Leaks
Our staff specializes in taking care of slab leaks under the foundation of your home. We assess the area, run a static pressure test on the sewer, and run a test on the potable water system to see if the leak is under the foundation. Once the leak is located, we go through the floor or under the foundation to repair the pipe, as well as bring in a construction company to take care of the hole.

Signs of Slab Leaks:
• Running Water Sound • House is Settling • Wet Dirt around Home • Bricks Start Shifting

Sewer and Drain Cleaning
Take care of clogs with our sewer and drain cleaning services. Our staff evaluates slowly draining tubs and sinks, as well as helps with non-functioning drains. By cleaning the sewer lines with our cables, we'll get your drains back to optimum function.
Broken Water Heaters
When your water heater is leaking or not producing hot water, our staff can come out and assist you. We evaluate if the heater must be repaired or replaced.

Additional Plumbing Repair Services:
• Replace Faucets • Running Toilet Repair • Washing Machine Repair • Shower Pan Replacement

Sewer Line Replacements
When your sewer lines are clogged, old, or have been invaded by tree roots, we are here to replace them.
Gas Line Replacements
Do not hesitate when you smell gas near your meter or lines. It could be a very dangerous issue.
Water Service Replacement
We offer water line replacement services for your damaged lines. When water is coming out of the ground or going down your driveway, we evaluate the leak and see if it needs to be replaced. We offer same-day or next-day services, but severe leaks must be dealt with immediately.

Experience You Can Trust
Randy Staggs - Master Plumber
Lic M-17697

Contact us in Rockwall, Texas, at (972) 742-3858 for more information or to request assistance with your plumbing issues.

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