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Chava comes from the Hebrew word meaning “life” or “to live.”
For us, the name encompasses what we feel organic coffee represents.

We believe that it is our responsibility to honor each and every customer by roasting only the finest organic, shade-grown, high-altitude coffee beans from growers that treat their workers with honor and dignity.

Coffee is much more than a drink, it is a way we as people share our lives together. Countless memories, stories, friendships, conversations and more are shared over a simple cup of coffee. At Chava Coffee Co. we want to be a part of those moments—your moments. Thank you for letting us share in your story.


High-Altitude, Shade-Grown

We only source organic, high-altitude, shade-grown coffee from the best coffee regions around the world.

Fair Trade

Taking Care of

We care about the farmers, growers, packers and families that rely on the coffee trade for their income. We only purchase beans from farms that take care of their workers.

Small Batch

Always Fresh

Chava Coffee Co. roasts all our organic coffee in small batches to get the most out of every bean so that each cup is full of fresh, deep flavored coffee.

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Location: 3910 Melcer Dr, , Rowlett, TX 75088
Phone: 214-302-7559