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Question: What’s the first thing that happens when you find out your child has lice? Answer: Your own head will begin to itch. Really itch—to the point that you are 100% convinced you are also infected. I can personally attest to the truthfulness of this statement.

Shortly after my daughter began attending public school, I noticed her digging at her scalp. She couldn’t seem to stop, even after I mentioned it to her, so I began picking through her hair. Nothing jumped out at me, so to speak, but I still had our neighbor, a cosmetologist, take a quick look. It took her less than 30 seconds to point out the first louse.


She then checked MY head. She saw nothing, but by then I was scratching furiously, trying not to panic in front of my daughter. Too late.

Rachel Silverstein of Lice Ladies Rockwall can identify. Five years ago, Rachel was living in Atlanta GA when her own daughter contracted head lice. Rachel immediately contacted Lice Ladies, an Atlanta lice removal company. She got an immediate appointment, and while there she received an education about lice—and about Lice Ladies.

Fast Forward several years. Rachel opened Lice Ladies Rockwall last March, the first Lice Ladies franchise located outside of Georgia.

Rachel works another case

Lice Infestations Explained

Rachel explained why there are so many lice infestations these days. “It used to be elementary kids who had the biggest lice issue. Now high school and middle school kids are also contracting lice. Heads are together for selfies. Kids are crowded around, sharing phones, using Snapchat. I see it all the time. More than 90% of lice cases come from head-to-head contact.”

Now, when faced with the cost of paying a company to seek and destroy lice and nits, many parents first explore the over-the-counter route.

Yep. That was me. I spent $60+ on over-the-counter products—and I regretted it after finally grasping that my daughter’s lice problem was more than I could handle on my own. Lesson learned.

Rachel wasn’t surprised at all. “Self-treatments don’t work, quite honestly. Most parents just don’t know what to do to get rid of lice. We at Lice Ladies do, and a lot of time and peace of mind are saved. We really try to be as accommodating as possible for customers, offering evening and weekend hours.”

Lice Removal

Several lice removal companies charge more than $100 per hour, which adds up if your child has long hair or a bad infestation.

In comparison, the maximum amount charged at Lice Ladies is $150. Head checks are $20. Rechecks are performed 7-10 days after treatment.

Many don’t realize that lice removal services rendered at Lice Ladies are eligible to be paid with Flexible Spending Accounts and HSA’s.

The Lice Ladies team is on a mission to educate others about lice. Their website Lice Ladies Dallas offers valuable information every parent should know about this common pest. They participate in community-sponsored events, including school science nights, health fairs, and PTA meetings, and they also provide speaking services to groups. Recently, Lice Ladies sponsored a Back to School Teacher’s Breakfast at Rockwall ISD.

If you find you are dealing with lice, don’t panic. Rachel and her team at Lice Ladies are ready to take great care of you! They are located at 807 N. Goliad St, Rockwall. Their phone number is 844-327-5423.

Story by Shari Rose
Contributing Writer | Planet Rockwall

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