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John Lennon’s Lost (and Last) Interview Released on 30th Anniversary of his Death

Three days before his death, John Lennon sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine for a nine-hour interview. Excerpts from the interview ran in a tribute to John Lennon the following month, but the complete taped interview was lost, until this year. Continue reading »
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Taxes, budget and jobless benefits - Congress at the wire

Monday morning - Congress returns to a daunting agenda of economic issues as lawmakers will try to accomplish in a few weeks what has eluded them all year. outlines their lengthy To-Do list. Continue reading »
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15 Million Pounds of SpaghettiOs Recalled

Campbell Soup recalls 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs. The cans were produced in Paris, Texas, between December 2008 and June 2010, and shipped to retail customers nationwide. Continue reading »
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We’re Talking Baseball!

Vintage Base Ball played with old rules...
Modern day play caught on video and
Today in History - Ken Griffey, Jr... Continue reading »
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The iPad Changes Life for 99-Year-Old Oregon Woman

A 99-year-old Oregon woman discovers the wonders of reading and writing on Apple's new iPad. Continue reading »
Living,Special Features,Nation & WorldInterview with Former President Bill Clinton

Earth Day Interview with Bill Clinton

Popular environmental questions are presented to Bill Clinton during a special Digg news Earth Day interview. Continue reading »
Nation & WorldIcelandic volcanic lava

Icelandic Volcano: Disrupts European Flights

The Guardian - UK features up-to-date posts and videos of the volcanic activity affecting Scandinavia, The UK and Northern Europe. Continue reading »
Nation & WorldDon't become a fan of this - Whole Foods says: It's a scam.

Facebook Scam Alert

Recent scams on Facebook pages are posted by internet thieves and hackers finding new ways to gain access to your computer. Ads look official, using company logos, but are merely a new form of phishing. Continue reading »
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British Film Maker Discovers Flying Penguins

Film maker and writer Terry Jones discovers a colony of penguins, which are unlike any other penguins in the world. Continue reading »

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