Rockwall Parks: Two new unique destinations

Phelps Lake Park and Yellowjacket Park are two new, exciting destinations that enhance the park and recreation opportunities for Rockwall residents.

Phelps Lake Park, which officially opened in February 2015 on the north side of Rockwall, completes a premier outdoor recreation destination.

The lake has a launching pier for kayaking enthusiasts and a fishing pier, both designed for specific needs. The kayak launch pier has a ramp with wheels, making it easier for users to climb into kayaks and canoes. The fishing pier has a lower level for kids and is wheelchair accessible.

Phelps Lake Park has a trail connection with Raymond Cameron Lake, tying each park’s amenities and complimenting one another. The project cost $72,000 and was funded by proceeds from residential developers required by the Citys Mandatory Park Land Dedication Ordinance.

Yellowjacket Park is an all-inclusive, barrier free recreational area that offers amenities designed for those with and with out disabilities and special needs.

barrier free disabilities park rockwall

Rockwall resident Devon Colbert brought his concerns to the attention of the City Council, providing them with a much wider view of what level of accessibility is needed for those with disabilities to interact with those without disabilities. Mr. Colbert suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident in December 2012 and has been in a wheelchair since his recovery. The father of two young boys explained how the current surface, while meeting ADA standards, is still difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. He also pointed out how the City could enhance the park for others with special needs.

The City Council took action to study how it could develop a barrier-free park that would accommodate a wide range of special needs. The Park Board held a public hearing and invited citizens to give their ideas on the types of elements needed in a specialized park. There was overwhelming support for the project.

The Rockwall City Council approved the design and construction in December 2014. The new playground accommodates a variety of needs with a mixture of special amenities, including:

• 5100 square feet of shade structure;
• 100% rubber surfaces;
• Music, play, and sensory panels;
• Swings with high backs for upper body support;
• Ramps;
• Bouncing and spinning elements; and
• the entire playground will be enclosed with fencing.

Yellowjacket Park was selected as the preferred site due to its central location in Rockwall, existing restroom facilities, and
parking. Parkland dedication fees and previously approved but unused park improvement bond funds were used to construct the new playground in the amount of $492,000.

For more information about the beautiful parks and amenities available in the City of Rockwall, please contact the Rockwall Parks & Recreation Department at 972-771-7761 or visit

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