The Rockwall Giant Makes a Comeback

Few stories have captured the imaginations of Planet Rockwall visitors like that of the Rockwall Giant. Originally published over two years ago, the article remains one of the most-visited pages on our site. The tale revolves around the alleged discovery of a giant human skull in the late 1800s in a field near the present-day city of Heath.

Real or not, the Rockwall Giant is making a comeback thanks to the enthusiasm of local businessman Jeremy Standifer. Owner of The Life House, a popular coffee shop on the north side of town, Jeremy became fascinated by the Giant and its possible connection to the buried rock wall that gives our town its name. “Every town should have its own mystery,” he says, “And we have not one, but two!”

Jeremy has started his own mini-museum dedicated to the Giant and the rock wall in his shop located at 506 North Goliad, just a few blocks north of downtown. Along with fresh organic pastries and coffees, he and his staff will serve up tales of giant wall-builders and secret underground rooms containing mysteries lost to time. Customers can even purchase a pound of The Giants Blend, coffee beans roasted “in tribute to the earliest resident of Rockwall and his bold taste.”

Was the rock wall built by a race of giants, as legend has it, or is it just a naturally occurring geological formation? These questions and more may be answered on the History Channel this fall. Last month, a film crew from “America Unearthed”, a show that investigates ancient mysteries, came to town to film the wall. The production will air when the new season begins in October.

“I doubt well get definitive answers on the show,” said Jeremy, “But thats OK. The mystery is more fun to contemplate anyway.”

Bob Lewis
Planet Rockwall

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