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Resident Restaurant Review
By Joyce Sullivan

Buffalo Creek Magazine staff had their annual Christmas celebration at Rockwall’s new fine dining restaurant on the square, Chateau Bistro. Owner and chef Elle Moisdon was our hostess, who closed the doors just for us.

The cozy restaurant seats only 20 people by design. “There are hundreds of romantic little bistros like this in France”, says Elle. “Custom menus that can change daily, a specially selected wine list, intimate seating, and personal service. I wanted to bring that experience to Rockwall.”

Tim Sullivan Chateau Bistro

The Buffalo Creek staff was treated to a six course dinner personally selected by Chef Elle.

Ist Course: Sautéed Baby Crab Cakes with Garlic Aioli and Balsamic Drizzle. The crab cakes were full of flavor and enjoyed by all. Several guests commented that they were the best crab cakes they ever had.
2nd Course: a choice of Carrot Ginger Soup or Seafood Bisque with Dill. Both soups were very light and creamy and had their own unique taste. We heard lots of “yummmmms “around the table, and asked the staff to pick a favorite but it was an even split. 50% picked the carrot ginger soup, 50% picked the Seafood Bisque.
3rd Course: Baby Greens, Cranberries, Slivered Almonds, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Minced Red Onions and Champagne Dressing. The salad was perfect. The combinations of ingredients with the champagne dressing made a delightful salad, as well as a pleasing presentation.
4th Course: Intermezzo / Lemon Sorbet with Mint. It was time to clear our palette to get ready for the fifth course and main entrée.
5th Course: Petite Filet Mignon and Jumbo Shrimp with Lemon Béarnaise Asparagus Tips and Potatoes Mash Au Gratin. The filet mignon melted in your mouth. The shrimp were huge and yummy. The lemon béarnaise asparagus tip and the potatoes mash au gratin were cooked to perfection. The lemon béarnaise was wonderful.
6th Course: Dessert, Lemon and Amaretto Crème Brulée, Tea and Coffee. The crème brulée was a delicious dessert for a perfect ending. Guests thought it was wonderful. The crème brulée deserves a return visit all by itself.

Born in France, Chef Elle came to America with her Father and brothers at the age if seven, not speaking a word of English. Elle began cooking at the age of nine and always had an interest in French cooking.

Elle opened her first restaurant in Napa Valley, California. In 2005 she moved to Emory, Texas to open a Bistro. In 2008 Elle graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts. Now in Rockwall, she can fulfill her dream of running a Bistro for our home town of Rockwall, Texas.

Chef Elle and staff made everyone that attended feel comfortable and very welcomed. It was almost like visiting a friends’ home. Chateau Bistro is very charming, cozy, with a casual elegant atmosphere. We were so happy to find this little gem. I think they made some loyal fans of this restaurant.

Chef Elle Chateau Bistro Rockwall

Just a side note that Chef Elle also does catering, offers wine tasting parties, and cooking classes. Visit her website at for more information on the Bistro or other services offered.

If you are looking for some place different, quaint and very authentic French influence this is the place to go. Chateau Bistro is located at 106 Rusk St., on the square in downtown Rockwall.

Chateau Bistro Downtown Rockwall

Comments from the evening:
“The food was amazing!” Gloria Welch
“A gourmet experience. Excellent tasting food with very artistic presentation.” Jan Brunk
“Excellent, excellent food” Becky Welch
“Keep it up – yum!” Courtney Welch
“Double thumbs up” Jonathan Cook
“The crème brulée deserves a visit all by itself” Fay Headley”
“Appreciated the personal dining experience and delicious food. Merci!” Sharon Lewis

Article and photos submitted by Buffalo Creek Magazine

Buffalo Creek Magazine Disclosure: The business reviewed in this article provided products and/or services free of charge in exchange for this review.

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