City to Enter into Negotiations with Shores Buyer

There appears to be light at the end of the tunnel for the Shores Country club. In a deal reported to be worth $3 million, a new buyer has stepped forward to take over ownership of the facility, and is in negotiation with the city over maintenance of the publicly owned portion of the course.

In a press release issued by the city:

The Rockwall City Council has authorized city staff to work with Landscapes Golf Group on a new
lease agreement for the portion of The Shores Golf Course located on land controlled by the

The council authorized the action based on an agreement between Landscapes Unlimited Golf
Group, Hillcrest Bank and IRI Golf Group (current owner of The Shores) to transfer ownership of
the property from IRI to Landscapes Golf Group. The property includes the golf course, a
clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis courts.

“We believe Landscapes Golf Group will provide a professional, well-operated and functional golf
course at The Shores, which has been our goal all along,” said Rockwall City Manager Julie
Couch. “The council has been committed to improving course conditions and to getting the
course reopened. We have every hope that this will be accomplished by Landscapes Golf

Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Landscapes Unlimited, the parent company, was founded in
1976. They own and/or operate more than 20 golf courses nationwide and also have a
construction services division. The company had previously completed work for the City of
Rockwall on Shores Park, Boat Ramp Park, Hickory Ridge Park and Emerald Bay Park.
Problems originated between the City and IRI related to upkeep of the golf course on property
owned by the City of Dallas and leased to the City of Rockwall, which includes the back nine
holes along with portions of another four holes.

Rockwall city officials canceled IRI’s lease in May citing numerous ongoing instances of contract
breach related to upkeep of the golf course.

In July, IRI filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed the golf course.

No specifics of the agreement between IRI and Landscapes Golf Group have been released.
“We are very excited about this opportunity with Landscapes Golf Group,” said Mrs. Couch. “We
know they are a quality company from past experience, and we look forward to a long and
successful relationship with them.”

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