Mr. Mc’s Peanut Brittle (pronounced “Mister Mac’s”) is a light, airy, homespun brittle that doesn’t stick to your teeth. Made in Garland, the recipe comes from owner Don McCormick’s grandmother.

Memories of Grannie’s Kitchen.

Peanut Candies Reminds You of Home. Peanut brittle has been around for a long time and people play with the recipe to make it special. Grannie McCormick got it right a long time ago in Roby, TX and we still make it that way today.

The secret ingredient provides a light, brittle but not hard consistency that makes it an instant favorite to anyone who bites into this sweet taste from a special time. The best peanut pattie you will ever find.

Mac’s brittle, pralines and peanut patties are cooked in our Texas kitchen and distributed to groceries, drug stores, convenience stores and restaurants. We have shipped to NASCAR, the US Congress, movie stars, sports heroes and even car dealerships. The candies give a unique confection (and a little piece of Texas) to people important to them.

Do you have a store, restaurant or big customer list? Contact Mr. Mc’s Peanut Brittle to inquire about online wholesale orders. Encourage a retailer near you to contact us so you can have a steady supply of the best brittle and the best patties money can buy. The memories are cooked inside.

Although patties and brittles are common Texas treats, it is the traditional methods his grandmother used that make his candies special.

Retail locations:
Rudy’s Barbecue of North Texas – Denton, Allen and Lubbock
Kroger stores – Rockwall, Allen, Forney and Mesquite
Walgreens – South Rockwall location
Tom Thumb – Rowlett
Paris, Texas, Travel Center
Cullen’s Market – Brownwood, Texas