17990 County Road 656, Farmersville, TX 75442

Throwaway Ponies was started by Karen Bander and her daughter Mary, in 2005 to provide a home to horses that were old, lame and virtually unadoptable. Soon, the need for a rescue for other horses became apparent. Now, we have horses of all ages. Learning how beneficial horses are to building self-confidence and healing broken hearts, we added programs for children and adults using horses as therapists

This mission of Throwaway Ponies:

1. To provide a safe haven for horses who have been abused and neglected or who might have been euthanized because of their condition but were salvageable.

2. To work with women and children who have been abused and neglected.

3. To build self-confidence and leadership skills in everyone of our students, volunteers and participants.

4. To work with people of all ages who have special needs: children with autism spectrum disorder; people with emotional problems or who lack self confidence; children with developmental delays.

Adoptable Horses available at TaPs