Earth Day Interview with Bill Clinton

Arlington, Texas Digg news correspondent asks Bill Clinton top questions submitted by Digg members. Topics covered: school gardens and educational programs, landfills, electric cars, global warming – climate change and more.

The questions

The top questions submitted and voted on by the Digg community are:

* How can we best engage our nations youth on the issues surrounding climate change? +179 diggs
* If you were President today, what different steps would you be taking today to ensure environmental conservation that you hadnt taken when you were President in the 90s? +158 diggs
* For a country that sets the standard for so many things, how have we fallen so far behind on issues like waste management and sustainability? How can we change that? +114 diggs
* What really happened to the electric car? +110 diggs
* What do you say to people who think global warming isnt a real issue? +91 diggs
* What steps are you personally taking to lessen your carbon footprint? +90 diggs

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