Facebook Scam Alert

While businesses are quickly turning to social media marketing to sell goods and services, hackers are seizing the opportunity for their own profit. A current Facebook-based scam, that claims to be a promotion for Whole Foods, is being used to gain personal information and to install viruses. This scam comes in various forms and even uses the Whole Foods Market logo. Scammers gain access to personal information, and your computer, by suggesting you can obtain a $500 gift card by simply filling out a form.

This scam is being used through Facebook fan pages that use the “Whole Foods” name. These phoney Facebook pages suggest urgency in signing up, supposedly due to limited quantities and a deadline. CNET, an online tech source, reports the signup forms go so far as to ask applicants to fill out a credit assessment, which includes personal data. The net result is that some people have had malware installed on their computer. Whole Foods is using the internet in an attempt to warn consumers about this scam.

Internet users have reported seeing this scam, with internet hackers and thieves claiming to be Whole Foods, Best Buy, Target and Ikea. Opportunities for this type of scam are endless. Be cautious of internet offers, especially those that ask for information and/or require you to download information or enter unknown links.

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