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In North Texas, history is all around us, but it often takes an informed eye to see it. Much is buried in overgrown and forgotten cemeteries or paved over by progress. Written records crumble and become lost. As those who lived through memorable events from our past move on, their stories disappear. Their vestiges become hidden gems.

Local history buffs will have an opportunity to unearth some of these treasures on Sunday, March 26 as the Rockwall Historical Foundation hosts The Hidden Gems tour. Buses will take participants around the area to visit sites that figure prominently in the development of our community, but have become obscured by time.

Currently on the schedule are stops at several historic cemeteries, the site of the original train station south of downtown, the old Royse City jail and the archway built as the entrance to one of the few spots the rock wall after which the city was named could be seen.

Historic Rockwall Cemetery

Tour leader will be Mark Russo, a long time county resident and member of the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Board. Mark has put together an itinerary designed to inform and entertain. “There will be some surprises, to be sure,” he says.

Concrete pillars mark the entrance to what was once Squabble Creek Park.

Cost to join the tour is $20. This will go to defray the cost of the bus and to benefit the Historical Foundation Museum. Meet in the parking lot in front of the Museum.

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