Holiday Strategies for Weight Loss

Weight loss tips for the holidays

Well, December is here and that starts the season of holiday gatherings, candy at the office, more lunches and dinners out, more traveling and vacations for some and, of course, more stress than normal. Remember, the average weight gain over the holiday season is 6-8 pounds! Wouldn’t it be great to fall below the average?

Here are a few important things you must remember while trying to minimize weight gain over the holidays:
1. Don’t skip a meal
2. Stay away from fruit
3. No beer or wine!
4. Peanut butter and cheese are too full of fat calories!
5. No Popcorn. It is healthy, but full of carbohydrates and will kick you out of your fat burning state.

Ok. So let’s go over a few strategies that will help you get through this tempting time.

1. Seek Support, through your family, health advisor, and support calls. Support is very important in your success.
2. Maintain your nutrition program as closely as you can.
3. Ask for sparkling water and lime instead of beer and wine.
4. If there is a special holiday food that you will feel deprived of if you don’t have…then take one or two bites-just a taste and you will be surprised how satisfying it is.
5. Eat more of the salads and green veggies at a dinner party and make the meat a “side dish”
6. Don’t serve family meals family-style. Keep pots and dishes away from the table where it’s all too easy to go for seconds!
7. Learn to “eyeball” the proper serving size that is right for you and stick to them when dining out or dishing up meals.
8. Eat healthy foods.
9. Physical activity is a good way to burn calories and it makes you feel great before going to a party!
10. Have Fun!! Become great at mingling…Become the life of the party!!

Its helpful to maintain a Daily Holiday Schedule. Record what you eat and drink throughout the day, from when you wake up until that last snack in the evening. List the type of exercise you perform and for how long. Record how you feel each day, what your challenges were and what you learned.

Plan again for the next day and remind yourself: “I am one day closer to my healthy weight! I can do this, and I let no one change my desire. I choose health!”

Diane Porter is a Certified Health Coach and Regional Director with Take Shape for Life. She and her husband, Dr. Jim Porter’s business, Weight off for Life incorporates the Take Shape for Life program, the FREE and professional coaching division of Medifast, a publicly held company in business for over 30 years. Diane coaches individuals to optimal health on a local, statewide and national level.

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