Interview with Chet Garner “The Daytripper” | Rockwall Episode to Air Nov 3

If you like jumping into the car with the family for a day trip and you’re not quite sure what direction to head, there’s a TV show just for you. It’s called, appropriately enough, The Daytripper, and it can be seen on channel 13 at 10 o’clock every Saturday morning. Host Chet Garner will take you on a 30-minute journey to one of hundreds of destinations in our state that will leave you hankering to experience first hand.

We caught up with Chet last weekend at Southfork Ranch where he was the emcee for the 3rd Annual Texas Motion Picture Association Impact Awards. The show, he said, was born of a realization that “Great adventures can be found in your own back yard. You don’t need to spend gobs of money to have a life-changing travel experience.”

“PBS was looking for local content, so I put a crew together, submitted our concept and it took off. Now, we get to live our passion.” Although The Daytripper features Texas destinations exclusively, it airs on stations in 47 states. They’re currently in their tenth season.

Chet revealed that he and his crew had just wrapped a visit to Rockwall which will air in a couple of weeks. “Rockwall was great,” he says, “We took sailing lessons at Rush Creek, had a gourmet meal downtown, played 3-par golf at A-1 Golf Center, and had a Boots Burger. That was one great burger.”

We wondered after so many seasons if The Daytripper is starting to run out of ideas. “No way,” said Chet, “I started out writing down places I was curious about on paper napkins. Now I need a spreadsheet to keep track of new places I want to check out, and the list keeps growing. Texas is a bigger place than most people imagine.”

You can catch The Daytripper’s Rockwall episode on KERA channel 13 Saturday, November 3 at 10am. The Rockwall County Historical Foundation is planning to host a watch party at the Bailey House on the Historical Museum grounds at Harry Myers Park. Contact the Historical Foundation for details, or just catch the show at home on TV.

Rockwall episode features:
Rush Creek Yacht Club
Boots Burgers
A-1 Golf Center
Bin 303

by Sharon Lewis / Planet Rockwall