Kids, Pumpkins, Games & Fun at Rockwall Pumpkin Patches!

Rockwall Pumpkin Patch

Time for Pumpkin Patch!

Halloween and pumpkins go hand in hand. It’s that time of year when we enjoy taking the kids to local pumpkin patches in search of pumpkins, decorative gourds and other seasonal treats. As the pumpkin patches start popping up all around Rockwall County, gather the family and get ready for some great photo opportunities!

Tips for Kids and Pumpkin Patch

While it’s officially fall, it doesn’t quite feel that way here in Texas. It’s recommended to dress the kids in layers. Cooler temps in the morning will be comfortable and might even require jackets as the cool down occurs mid-October. Once the sun comes out, everyone will want to peel off the layers while gathering pumpkins, playing games and visiting the animals at the petting zoo found at some pumpkin patches.

A helpful suggestion for parents — familiarize your child with the different varieties of pumpkins they might find, and advise each child to pick one or two pumpkins only. We’ve heard some parents take it a step further and make it a rule that the child must be able to carry their pumpkin. But why? Sometimes finding that large pumpkin and imagining all the carving possibilities is the most fun of all!

Pumpkin Patch Kids Rockwall TX

Rockwall Pumpkin Patches

Blase Family Farm | North Rockwall
Hayrides, Petting Zoo, Small Hay Maze, a Farm Train (rides on weekends only)… and Pumpkins!

September 28 – October 31, 2019
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm |Sunday 12pm-6pm

Blase Family Farm Rockwall Texas

Landscape Source Nursery | North Rockwall (on Highway 66)
Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm | Sundays: 11:30am-5pm
Wide variety of pumpkins, gourds and seasonal plants.

Farmers Market Pumpkin Patch | Heath
Saturdays 2-6pm
Town Center Park | Heath, Texas

Royse City Pumpkin Patch – Main Street – Opens October 8
Royse City’s Pumpkin Patch 2019 will be open seven days a week!
Kids will enjoy the large selection of pumpkins to choose from, and Tuesday Storytimes.

The Pumpkin | Fun & Nutritious

Native to North America (northeastern Mexico and southern United States), pumpkins are one of the oldest domesticated plants, and are part of the squash family. The most popular variety is the Jack-O’-Lantern pumpkin, which are round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and most often deep yellow to orange in coloration. The thick shell contains seeds and pulp. Pumpkin carving and decorating is the part we most enjoy. But remember, the pulp and seeds are nutritious.

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc and fatty acids. Don’t throw them away. After scooping the seeds from the shell, remove most of the pulpy pieces by hand. It feels gooey, but using your fingers makes it quick and easy. Place the seeds in a colander and rinse under cold running water. Pat the seeds dry with a towel (paper towels might stick to the seeds). Recipes vary depending on seasonings you prefer. Salt is the most preferred seasoning, but the internet is full of recipes for roasting your pumpkin seeds.

Knucklehead Pumpkin Rockwall TX

A Knucklehead Pumpkin!

Enjoy the fall y’all, and have a Happy Halloween!

Story & photos by Sharon Lewis / Planet Rockwall