Lake Pointe Church Goal to Serve One Million Meals

LPC Rockwall Food Drive

LPC Sunday Food Donation Drives

On Friday, March 13, Lake Pointe Church announced that all 6 of their physical campuses (Rockwall, Forney, Town East, Richland, White Rock, and Firewheel) would be collecting food items to help provide meals for school children, elderly, senior care facilities, and others at risk. On Sunday, March 15, from 2-5pm, each of the church campuses were open for the community to drop off food. Lake Pointe Church mobilized volunteers to serve at each campus as generous donors arrived at the parking lots to drop off food items. Every Sunday since that day, Lake Pointe Church campuses have been open to collect food items for kids, elderly, and others at risk and in need.. 

LPC Rockwall food drive

Your Help is Needed to Reach the Goal of One Million Meals

Easter Sunday

Everyone is encouraged to join the effort to pass one million meals donated to food-insecure families this Easter Sunday! Make it your family Easter activity to bring seven food items listed below to any of the Lake Pointe Church campuses between 2 and 5 PM.

Items Needed:

Canned Pasta
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Mac and Cheese
Snack Bars
Canned Fruit
Dry Beans/Dry Rice
Hand Soap

LPC Rockwall food donations

“We are so excited to be able to deliver over 160,000 meals to people this week,” said Jenny Lord, Director of Communications. “Each family will receive a special Easter treat and gift as a way to let them know that Lake Pointe cares for them, and more importantly that God loves them deeply.”

Lake Pointe Church food drive


Lake Pointe Church Easter

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation across our cities and counties, the date on which Lake Pointe Church will return for in-person gatherings is still to be determined. Stay connected to their website and social media channels to hear the latest on that timeline.

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