Leadership Group Spearheads Effort to Provide Computers for Rockwall Students

Every year, it’s exciting to see how the Leadership Rockwall teams will affect change within the community. This year’s class has selected a project that promises to make a dramatic difference in the lives of children in Rockwall. It’s called Computers for Kids—and they need your help to make it happen.

Leadership Rockwall 2017, a Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce organization, has uncovered a critical need for computers at the Rockwall Boys and Girls Club, and the group is seeking donations to make the dream a reality for the area students. The Rockwall Boys and Girls Club does not currently have computers for children to access homework and educational enhancement software after school. In addition, many of the students attending the Club do not have access to technology at home, either— which is a dire need in today’s technologically advanced learning environment.

When the Leadership Rockwall 2017 team learned of this deficit, their decision was an easy one. The group committed to outfit a computer lab for the Rockwall Boys and Girls Club by purchasing a bank of 10 desktop computers and 30 iPads, including networking and safety features and an entire technology center classroom makeover. This project will provide the students access to technology, focused especially on enriching science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, educational programs.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be $40,000, and the group has already begun fundraising efforts within the community to help address the need. The first step was to create a website to share details of the project with potential donors and help facilitate a streamlined tax deductible online donation process. Those interested in helping are asked to visit begreatnext.org/computersforkids. Look for more details coming soon for additional ways to participate with this exciting project.

About Leadership Rockwall: In its 20th year, Leadership Rockwall is a program sponsored by the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce. Leadership Rockwall was founded in 1997 to develop community and business leaders. Candidates for Leadership Rockwall must have the time and desire to participate in the program and be committed to becoming leaders in the community.

Press Release by Lauri Dodd
Leadership Rockwall 2017

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