Summer Pool Care Tips

Chances are, your pool will be getting a great workout this summer. And because being in the water is one of the best ways to stay cool, you want to make sure that your pool is in top condition. Here are a few tips to help troubleshoot and/or help keep your pool swim-ready :

• If your pool is using an increasing amount of chlorine, you may have a build-up of contaminants. If so, you’ll need a product to remove the contaminates and get back to using reasonable amounts of chlorine.

• A green pool can come from “green” algae that can be free floating or wall-clinging. From patches on walls and bottoms to entire pools, these algae can clog filters and create surface damage if left unchecked. It’s easily treatable with a chemical product.

• Other algae often resemble dirt or sand on the bottom or sides of the pool. This yellow mess is called mustard algae. It is easily brushed away, but returns quickly and is often chlorine-resistant. These algae also need to be chemically treated.

• Before you replace your filter – try cleaning it. A powerful cleaner is often needed to remove scale, rust and deposits from your pool filters. It’s also needed to remove dirt and debris that build up in the filter.

• Water that stays murky or hazy after treatment can be the result of poor filtration. Check your filter cartridge; it may be time for a cleaning or replacement. Poor circulation can also affect water clarity, so make sure your returns (jets) are all pointing in the same direction for ideal water flow around your pool.

Tips provided by Harvey Rippy, owner of Pool Stop in Rockwall (next to Target). Pool Stop designs and builds custom pools, provides maintenance and sells a wide variety of pool supplies.

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