Miley Cyrus Concert in Dallas

Miley Cyrus Concert at the American Airlines Center!

Rockwall winners of the Miley Cyrus concert contest
The Miley Cyrus Concert was an exciting sold-out event! The doors opened at 5 pm and were immediately packed with
lines of eager fans and their parents. Young fans were dressed in Miley attire and were ready for a rocking party!

Upon our arrival at 5:30 p.m., we were relieved to see plenty of parking still available in the blue lots. The “ticketless” entry worked beautifully
as our credit card was swiped and seat assignments were printed.
Raegan and Kailen scoped out the souvenir t-shirts and other items for sale. They chose a Miley Cyrus Concert Tour program and some pretty cool
lanyards. To moms relief, the girls thought the Miley lanyards were better than the $40 shirts.
Pizza was found at the concession and after some maneuvering through the crowds we made our way down to our seats. Kailen was excited and thanked us
as we descended onto the floor of the American Airlines Center.

Dallas Miley Cyrus Concert fans

The concert started promptly at 7 p.m. with the band Metro Station. The lead singer, who happens to be Mileys brother, lead the band through some
jumpin rock performances and revved the audience up for the upcoming star attraction.

At 8 p.m. the concert arena was packed when Miley came out to a fiery opening permformance. Flames shot up from the stage as Miley appeared in a
black shorts outfit and danced her way across the stage.
Songs, “Breakout,” “Start All Over,” “Bottom of the Ocean” and “Fly On the Wall,” were brought to the stage by Miley, her band and talented dancers.
3 video screens added to the music video feel as scenes were incorporated into the live performances. Twice the audience was treated to memorable
flying routines as the star floated over excited fans. Mileys first flight was while attired in a frilly white dress; the second suspension act was
more dramatic as she rode a full-sized motorcycle over waving concert fans as it made its way over the first 12 rows of the stage audience.

Midway through the show, Miley talked about the making of her new movie and showed the audience the trailer to “The Last Song”.” The trailer was
followed with Miley playing the piano and singing a song from the movie.

A concert highlight: watching fans cheer, dance and sing as Miley performed her current single “Party In the U.S.A.”

In the lobby areas, during the last encore performance, I saw a few young sleepy fans that couldnt quite keep up with the excitement of the evening. One young boy rubbed his eyes as he slept in his fathers arms. I assume they were waiting for his sister(s) and mom, who were enjoying every minute
of this memorable concert event. It was great to see people of all ages (plenty of moms, some dads and a few grandparents) singing to the songs and
taking in the Miley concert experience.

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