Military Museum Opens to Public for Veterans Day

If you are looking for a truly immersive Veterans Day experience this Sunday, head out to the Military Heritage Collection in Nevada (the town, not the state). Beginning at around 11:00 AM, collectors and aficionados of vintage military vehicles, equipment and momentos will converge on the site to celebrate those who have fought for our freedom, and the gear they used to do it.

The museum is the brainchild of Mark Witham, a 12-year veteran of the British Royal Air Force. While in the R.A.F., one of his duties was restoring World War II aircraft in a museum, where he developed a deep appreciation of the items in his care. He felt that he had a calling to do his part to preserve this piece of history.

Old uniforms, ordinance, weapons, medals and military art seem to find their way to Marks collection from all over the world. If something in particular catches his eye, he will spare no expense of time or money in restoring it to as pristine a condition as possible. “This is a part of our history thats being lost to our kids. I hope my collection will help to spark some interest in keeping the memory alive. So much of whats here was destined for the junk yard had word not been out that I was interested.”

Rockwall Military Museum

Tanks, jeeps, personnel carriers and vehicles that defy description will be on hand for visitors to see, touch and, weather permitting, ride around in. Veterans and their families are especially welcome to share their stories and bring their own memorabilia to show.

The Military Heritage Collection is located near Royse City at 20798 County Road 590.
View map on event listing.

Bob Lewis
Planet Rockwall

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