Owners of The Shores Golf Club File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The Shores golf course was closed Tuesday, and its owner has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

According to sources within the Shores Homeowners Association, the closure affects only the golf course and dining facilities at the club. Funds collected as social membership dues are being used to improve the tennis courts, swimming pool and health club, which are remaining open for the use of the members. Improvements to the courts and pool have already been made and maintenance of these facilities is ongoing.

It is reported that negotiations are underway with the current owner and a new buyer for the course. The pending sale is awaiting approval by both parties and the city, which controls the 11 holes bordering the lake.

News Release From the City of Rockwall

The Shores golf course was closed Tuesday, and its owner has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to Dallas court filings.

Rockwall City Manager Julie Couch said the closing and bankruptcy were unexpected noting that the City has been working with several possible buyers of the course. The City cannot intervene in this situation because it does not own the course, Ms. Couch noted, but efforts will continue to find a buyer for the course and country club.

“It is our goal to have a professional, well operated and functional golf course at The Shores, and the City Council has been very committed to improving course conditions,” said Ms. Couch. “We are closely monitoring this situation, and we will continue our efforts to find a buyer for the property. It is hoped that the course will not stay closed for an extended period, however, the City has received no specific timeline from the owner.”

Citing numerous ongoing instances of contract breach, the City recently notified IRI Golf Group that the contract leasing land to them for operation of The Shores Country Club was cancelled. The situation was related to upkeep of the golf course under the Lease Agreement entered into in 2001, which included minimum standards for maintenance of the golf course. That action followed numerous complaints from Shores homeowners and golfers about the condition of the golf course.

Portions of the golf course – primarily the back nine holes – are on land owned by the City of Dallas, who entered into various agreements with the City of Rockwall and the owner of The Shores Country Club making the land available for use as a golf course. The lease agreements regulate nine full holes on the course and portions of another four. The remaining course and the club house and other amenities are on private land owned by the owner/operator of The Shores Country Club. As a result, the City of Rockwall has no ownership in the public land and no oversight over the general business practices of the Shores owner.

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