Rockwall City Council Public Forum ~ Shores Golf Club

The Rockwall city council will hold a special public forum about The Shores at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 4 at The Center, 108 E. Washington. Council members will be there and the public is invited to come and discuss the future of the golf club.

As mentioned in Decembers article(link), this meeting was originally scheduled for September and postponed to allow negotiations on a pending sale to proceed. That sale has since fallen through, and the future of the club is now uncertain. The actions of the current owners indicate that they have little interest in either our community or in bringing the facility back into compliance with their agreement with the city.

Rockwall residents are urged to attend. The Shores Country Club was once a world-class facility drawing golfers from all over the country. Tournaments were a major source of revenue and publicity for the city. The clubs demise would have a negative effect on all of us, whether we live in the neighborhood or not.

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Traffic note: Due to road construction, parking must be accessed from the Washington street entrance, just to the east of the center.

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