Rockwall County in Top Ten for Healthiest Counties in Texas

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love living in Rockwall, a new study just released ranks Rockwall
County as one of the top ten healthiest counties in the state. Not a trivial accomplishment given that there are
over 250 counties in Texas.

In a study which considered statistics gathered over a ten year period, researchers from the Robert Wood Johnson
Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute ranked Texas counties on health outcomes,
which represent how healthy a county is, and health factors, which influence the health of the county. In each
category Rockwall County came in 6th and 4th respectively among the 221 counties ranked in the study.

The health outcomes rankings look at mortality rates, percentage of low birthweight births, and self-reported
fair or poor health. Rockwalls ranking of 6th overall indicates that we enjoy a far higher than average life span
along with a greater percentage of those years spent in good, rather than poor, health.

Health factors ranking looks at the items that contribute to the good or poor health rankings of a particular
population segment. These include health behaviors, availability of clinical care, social and economic factors, and
physical environment. Health behaviors include measures of smoking, diet and exercise, alcohol use, etc. Social and
economic factors consider education, employment, income and community safety. Physical environment looks at
environmental quality and infrastructure. Rockwalls ranking in these factors was 4th overall.

Studies like this one can be used in any number of ways. A county ranked near the bottom could use the factors
listed to develop programs to improve health in the community. A county such as Rockwall, which is rated highly,
can use the information to see what they are doing right, and to encourage programs to keep our health
consciousness at a high level.

View the full County
Health Rankings report

Video explains the ranking system:

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