Rockwall Founders Day: See History Come to Life!

Do not miss a visit to the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum at Harry Myers Park on Founders Day, May 17!

There will be Living History Exhibitors performing blacksmith chores, spinning yarn, Dutch oven cooking by the Chuck Wagon, toy makers with supplies to create rag dolls (boy or girl) or cornhusk doll, and members of the Rockwall Cavalry Camp, including a Civil War Field Surgeon, providing a glimpse into the history of that era 150 years ago.

In addition, members of the Historical Foundation will provide other hands-on experiences including, butter churning, washing on a scrub-board, separating cotton seed from cotton bolls, and bee tinning. There will be a scavenger hunt and other old fashioned fun.

This is a Must See Founders Day event and a unique way to experience history for young and old alike.

Rockwall Historical dress

Pictured cooking: Kurt Van Doran
Lady at spinning wheel: Kimberly Dills

Submitted by Carolyn Francisco
Rockwall County Historical Foundation

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