Rockwall Ram Enjoys Greener Grass at Local Golf Course

A ram, with a good set of horns, thought the grass was greener on the other side… and decided to explore North Rockwall. On Friday residents along the golf course at Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club saw the handsome creature, in the rain, enjoying the lush landscape. Rockwall Animal Control was notified and responded.

The startled creature fled as three animal control officers attempted to approach him. An employee of the club was enlisted to help when it became evident the ram was not ready to be captured. As residents went outside to see why dogs were barking and going nuts, they witnessed the cause of the commotion. The quick ram was fleeing and even jumped over a golf cart as he left the golf course and disappeared between homes.

The light rain had ACOs and the ram pretty wet by the time he was cornered and captured in The Preserve, a neighboring subdivision just east of The Shores. ACO Joyce Ross stated they were able to catch the ram when he went between a rock wall and a wrought iron fence. Ross was on one end while her partner Officer Cap Evans blocked his exit. Luckily the “stray” was friendly and did not put up much of a fight. Ross stated the ram was hogtied for his safety, and the safety of officers, while placed into a large dog compartment of the animal services truck. He was immediately transported to the Rockwall Animal Shelter.

Ram Sheep Rockwall
Photo courtesy of Rockwall Animal Services

The owner was notified and arrived at the shelter to pick up the stray. He stated they feared the ram might have fallen victim to coyotes when they noticed he was missing two days ago. Their herd of 4 sheep were purchased to clean brush on property on Dalton Road. We’re happy to report that the adventurous ram is now back home. It’s not known if he has plans to make a run for greener pastures any time soon, but he has a tale to share with the rest of the herd.

Video courtesy of Ken Lee

Sharon Lewis
Planet Rockwall

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