The Rock Wall: New Discoveries

Metal rings embedded in the wall have been determined to be man-made.

So, we’ve seen, heard and read all there is to know about our famous Rock Wall. The History Channel and its crew came to town and put to rest any notion of it being anything other than a natural geologic formation. Stories of giant builders and ancient cities are all thoroughly debunked. No story here.

Or is there? Local historian, amateur archaeologist and author John Lindsey thinks otherwise, and claims to have the scientific evidence to prove it. Over five years of research on the wall has been distilled into his new book to be published in the next few weeks, and it promises to turn some of our currently held beliefs about it on end.

Neither Lindsey nor his editor John Carr will say much more until publication, but promise some surprising revelations based on recent discoveries. Here is what has been leaked so far:

Inscriptions on stones found in the area have recently been translated. From these inscriptions, they know where the people who made them came from, and approximately when they inhabited the area. There is also a pretty good idea why they were here.

An ancient city excavated in another location was found to have the same type of construction as our wall. We weren’t told where, other than its a place that shared the language and dialect found on the inscribed stones.

Now here’s where it gets interesting and a little scary. Evidence indicates that the walls were definitely buried. The cause of the burial was sudden and cataclysmic, and could happen again with disastrous results.

And then, there’s a real surprise about the people themselves. We couldn’t get any more tidbits about this. Wait until the book comes out, they said.

“Everything we present has been thoroughly checked and cross-checked by scholarly and scientific authority. We put nothing in here that isn’t completely vetted, with all sources annotated. The reader can go directly to the sources and confirm everything we put forth,” said Lindsey.

Says Carr, “There are a lot of reasons people cling to established beliefs about things. We get that. And we respect that, to a point. But there is a lot we still don’t know, and sometimes new discoveries can threaten those beliefs. We hope people can accept what we present as fact, nothing more or less.”

The book will hopefully be out by Christmas. The working title is simply “The Rock Wall.”

Story by Bob Lewis

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