Unveiling of Rockwall’s Reconstructed Rock Wall

For all who have asked over the years, “Where can I see this rock wall the city is named after?”, we finally have a definitive answer. Head out to the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum at 901 East Washington Street in Harry Myers Park. Walk around to the north side of the building, and there youll see a reconstructed section of the wall using the very stones unearthed from its original underground location.

The wall section was dedicated in a ceremony on May 7, featuring performances by the Rockwall High School drum line, a proclamation by Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt, remarks by County Judge David Sweet, and entertainment by Jerl Welch and cowboy poet Budd Pierce. RCHF President Dennis Vierling welcomed guests to the event. Attendees enjoyed boxed meals catered by RHS Culinary School.

Harmonica tunes by Jerl Welch

“Rock” the Wall! / Rockwall High School Drum Line / Ceremony Opening

The ceremony paid tribute to the memory of Sheri Stodghill Fowler Parks and her many years of work to preserve and popularize the history of Rockwall County. A plaque honoring her life stands next to the exhibit.

The wall in its original state is completely buried for its entire length. It has remained buried for most of the citys history, seen only during occasional excavations over the decades, then covered up again. The latest dig on property owned by the Stodghill family yielded the stones we can see today. They were generously donated by the family and placed in their new location in the same order in which they were found.

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Story / Photos by Bob Lewis
Planet Rockwall

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